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Chad's remarkable journey is a testament to his unwavering dedication to serving our nation's heroes and those in need. A USMC Force Recon Veteran and DoD Contractor, he boasts an impressive eight deployments to Afghanistan as part of a Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) Task Force. However, Chad's story is not just about combat experience; it's a narrative of resilience, redemption, and a mission to save lives.


Having battled his own demons, including the haunting specter of PTSD, Chad emerged from the darkest depths of despair, where he feared he would become another veteran suicide statistic, to found the Mighty Oaks Foundation. This exceptional non-profit organization has become a beacon of hope, providing faith-based combat trauma and resiliency programs to active duty personnel, military veterans, and first responders worldwide.


He has shared his insights and experiences with over 400,000 active-duty troops and led life-saving programs for over 4,500 active military and veterans at four Mighty Oaks Ranches nationwide. His expertise in faith-based solutions for PTSD is widely recognized, with Chad advising key entities such as the former Presidential Administration, Congress, the VA, and the DoD. His devotion to the cause is further exemplified through his position as Chairman of a White House Veterans Coalition.


But Chad's compassion knows no bounds. He is also the Co-Founder of Save Our Allies, a non-profit organization focused on evacuating and recovering Americans, our allies, and vulnerable individuals stranded in Afghanistan. What began as a personal quest to rescue a long-time friend and Afghan interpreter evolved into a full-fledged humanitarian operation. Under Chad's leadership, Save Our Allies has successfully evacuated over 17,000 people from the dire circumstances in Afghanistan and is now extending its lifesaving efforts to Ukraine.






Saving Aziz is a story of war and rescue, of mission accomplished and work still to be done. This gripping account of two war heroes and friends puts human hearts and names alongside the headlines of one of the most harrowing moments in our history.


Behind the Lines is a 365-day devotional written to encourage, empower, and inspire those who serve our nation. No matter your branch of military service, the words found within these pages will equip you with God’s wisdom as you hold the line against evil and protect the innocent.



Take a journey with Force Recon Marine and Pro MMA Champion Chad Robichaux as he shares glimpses into the life of special operations, professional fighting, and deep insight into this world's spiritual battles. An Unfair Advantage will help you unlock the warrior spirit sewn in your heart by God Himself. 



How do we move forward from Post Traumatic Stress? The answer is found in understanding how we were created. There is hope and freedom on the other side of trauma, but not until you understand some essential truths that will make that freedom possible. Discover The Truth About PTSd



Fight for Us takes couples on an inspiring journey into the challenges of battling for their marriage, through gut-wrenching times of despair, and then finally to the victory of a renewed relationship grounded in Jesus. Reader will develop the never-give-up, never-quit mentality relationships need to combat the enemy's constant attacks.


Path to Resiliency was written to challenge the greatest of Warriors…military or civilian, man or be ready for, resilient to, and able to reintegrate from life's trials and rigors. Learn principles used to heal spiritual wounds to be prepared, stronger, and spiritually resilient to all this world will throw at you. 

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